An Optimistic Approach to Pessimistic Theory of Life – The Abstract

Trying to attain that balance

This is from the eyes of a teenage boy, who is in a dilemma, if he’s still a kid or an adult (A kid at heart). Every adult wishes to be a kid once again and every kid has to act like an adult at times. I accept that I don’t know anything else about ‘Optimism and Pessimism’ other than the very fact that an optimist sees the glass of water as half full and a pessimist sees the same glass as half empty. But generally, these are the two of many different shades of humanity or specifically the attitude of humans under different circumstances. No man can be one hundred percent either optimistic or pessimistic.Life and time always test your confidence and push you until you reach your threshold and start to break. That’s the moment where you have to break your boundaries, go for that extra mile, and start being realistic, practical and witty.

Thinking out of the Box !

It’s not just about thinking out of the box, but it’s about removing the box, which had always been the hindrance to your thinking process. There is no point of judging the water in the glass. If you are thirsty, drink the water and if you are not, you have all the time in the world to wonder on who drank the other half.

The Surprise Ending

We have heard humans proclaiming that life is full of surprises and it gives you results most of the time, let’s try to be a divergent here, what about those people who always expect the unexpected? Do even they feel that life is full of surprises or is it just a routine monotonous cycle, where surprises are a part and parcel of their life? How do such people make their life feel awesome? Honestly I’m still in pursuit of the answer for this very question myself and eagerly expecting an unexpected answer 😀

Since this was just the abstract, I’m not giving out much details about the actual paper, which I’m planning to publish in the forthcoming days!

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