The Discernment on Dooms’ Day

The Prologue

As always, every post starts with how the idea of writing that post struck me, as I see ideas are what matters. Most of the time bloggers, keep waiting for that one idea to come across their mind on which they could build an article, “how to get that idea!” in itself could be an idea for an article, but that would sound too main stream. Let’s focus on the positives of the subject in hand!

Quick challenge: Try repeating “Yin Yang Year” fast!

It’s new year and I didn’t want the first official post to be the follow up of ‘An Optimistic Approach to Pessimistic Theory of Life’ that would add so much negativity to the blog. So, for a second let’s try to stay positive, and bring out all the positives in our life and focus on the subject in hand. Again, what is the subject in hand? For now, it is to have a positive first post for 2016. But why? As I was texting a friend of mine, I noticed that the friend was not the usual type, the common people who would just laugh off all the bitter truth when sent with a polished layer of sarcasm. This time, I was branded ‘pessimist’ rather than the usual ‘sarcastic prick’ (it’s not like I’m gonna oppose it), anyways at the end of the conversation there was one thing very obvious, sometimes we need to stop looking at the yang and learn to feel amazed at some yins too.

A mere post on the every day positives of life, will give an opening to contradict those later. That’s when idea stuck, take an idea as evil as the armageddon itself and come up with a positive takeaway from that.

The Prediction

It’s been 3+ years since the Dooms’ day was supposed to happen, and Mayans were horribly wrong in predicting that. Did they expect the world to end on 21-12-2012? (I hope it’s not because the number sounded cool to repeat) That shouldn’t be the pessimistic question here, the real question “Who would’ve given such importance to their calendar, if they hadn’t ended it?” Look back, every year we used to buy calendars (monthly or daily sheets, unless you’re a total digital savvy and prefer our phone instead) and all we do is throw the empty ones at the end of year. Would you have done it, if you had received a calendar for 2020 that ended with December 21?

Nope, but what in their right minds were the Mayans thinking while making their so called calendar? Was it a strategy to keep their calendars safe until 2012? Given the number of people whose names became trending since they thought it is easier to be infamous rather than famous, I hope the Mayans didn’t resort to anything of that sort. Not being a history buff, there is no point of even remotely trying to explain that.

Should we really be pondering on the “Why” with this ideology?

The Presumption

The real deal is that at least the Mayans, or at least some gentle man or woman from the Mayan community had the thought to make a calendar that would last their life time (most of the people’s lifetime, until 21/12/2012) That’s the kind of positive we can take from the “so called Dooms’ Day prediction”, people need to ensure that their work stay strong amidst the ravages of time. It is our work, that should speak about us (again refer to the previous paragraph and be famous not the former).

The Takeaway:

Make sure your ROI from work is not only limited to your salary pay check which can only be used to materialistic things, but also make an impact in the society and help in the betterment of the people, which can guarantee you a better ROI that no money can buy.

On further notice,

Just wondering what havoc would Jeff Bezos’ 10,000 year clock stir, in it’s final decade.

That’s enough damage done with one slice of yang thought! More for later.

P.S: I know I should have written this in 2013. But it’s better late than never.

P.P.S: Although it sounds like a follow up of my “An Optimistic Approach to Pessimistic Theory of Life” post, it is not. Now that I am done with a positive post, you can expect the follow ups soon!

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