“Contingency” can be “Contagious”

Pessimism may point out the cons of a project, but the pessimists are pros in correcting those. As promised in the previous post, let’s start our final post of the series with a few practical examples of how pessimism has become a part of our every day life.

A healthy dose of pessimism may come in handy in many real-life situations where optimists may be overly hopeful. Continue Reading!

The White Knight And The Dark Horse

Given the discussions so far, every time it would be either about how an optimist is always the white knight and a pessimists end up as the dark horse. But it is high time that, someone cast a shadow and bring the darkness into the light. There is Yin in Yang and the other way round, but many of us just stick to black and white. Continue Reading!

Optimism and Pessimism !

When trying to differentiate between optimism and pessimism, we often hear that one sees the glass as half full and the other sees it as half empty. It’s simply not the case that optimism is “good” and pessimism is “bad”—although that’s how we’ve been encouraged to think about them. Rather, both are functional and both have value.  Continue Reading!

An Optimistic Approach to Pessimistic Theory of Life – The Abstract

Trying to attain that balance

This is from the eyes of a teenage boy, who is in a dilemma, if he’s still a kid or an adult (A kid at heart). Every adult wishes to be a kid once again and every kid has to act like an adult at times. I accept that I don’t know anything else about ‘Optimism and Pessimism’ other than the very fact that an optimist sees the glass of water as half full and a pessimist sees the same glass as half empty. But generally, these are the two of many different shades of humanity or specifically the attitude of humans under different circumstances. No man can be one hundred percent either optimistic or pessimistic. Continue Reading!