Being Pessimist! How The World Views..

It is an unusual idea that we’d be a great deal more cheerful if we learnt to be a little more pessimistic.

Vanity has always been the devil’s favourite sin, and the man who does not see it is very vain himself.

If our condition were truly happy we need not divert ourselves from thinking about it, but most of the times we have to face the desperate facts of our situation head on. The incompatibility between the grandeur of our aspirations and the mean reality of our condition generates the violent disappointments which rack our days and etch themselves in lines of acrimony across our faces which are the inevitable reality of mankind. Man’s greatness comes from knowing he is wretched. For those teetering on the verge of despair, there can paradoxically be no finer page to turn to than one which seeks to grind man’s every last hope into the dust.

I’m a pessimist and I am just as happy as an optimist (may be a little too much too). But I don’t like being commanded to be positive—all the time and no matter the circumstances. As a pessimist, I am so tired of being criticized for my outlook on life and things in general by all the eternal optimists. All optimists are always so pessimistic about those of us who look through the clear glass (or they empty half as they claim it to be). Sometimes, content smile just isn’t what a situation demands, you gotta be contempt too.

The sole advantage of being a pessimist is that, “Yes” need not be the only answer for every obligation put in our path. At times, saying “No” to them is the only way to thrust towards the future.

It really feels like we’ve all been pressurised and ordered to think positive and talk in an optimistic way. In every way, it seems, optimists bask in the sunshine of the world’s approbation, while pessimists mope in the shadows. Clearly, many of them have drunk the optimism energy drink: They view optimism as an unqualified good, an all-purpose remedy for everything that ails us.

Instead of plainly being an attitude of men, it has become a necessary attribute to our resume.

P.S. I am so optimistic about my pessimistic theory that it gave me a realistic approach to update more on this topic in the coming days. So stay tuned..!

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