The ‘will that I will write some day!’

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The Intro

I gotta admit one thing, I am no writer. The only papers I had been writing until the end of my college (i.e. mid 2015) was the detail answers in my semesters, where the weightage of marks depended on my ability to stretch the two line thought into maximum number of pages. Completing a course in engineering ended up giving me the skill set of a technical writer, and paved way for my future in a way or another and gave me a strong ‘will that I will write some day !’.

The Fears and Illusions of Grandeur while Writing

I had a crap load of thoughts, that needed to be told the general world; in a way, that was my idea of self therapy and motivating others. But, I had never written a full original content in my life, every time I started writing a hypothesis, I realised that someone somewhere had already written what was there in my mind, and I would end up rewriting the same theory.

I had to define my own style of writing, or adopt an interesting wordplay that would make what I wrote stick to the readers’ minds.

I started drafting one liners and quotes that could possibly be printed in a t-shirt or bought as a wall hanging to be placed in the CEO room of a huge corporate someday. I had all the illusions of grandeur, moving people with the power of words (I personally believe in the word power) and creating an impact in their life, yet my works ended up somehow a lot similar to Dear Diary placed in a public library (including this piece :p).

All of these could never batter my spirit, as there was one thing that kept me going, the ‘will that I will write some day !’.

Patience is the virtue of a writer

There were times where I started writing a book, after completing the first few pages, I shelved the idea of completing the book and started my second book “Why I have decided not to publish my first book” and this piece can function as the preface of that book (I use ‘started’ alone on both the occasions). We’ll all face circumstances, where time will test the threshold of our patience level, but never forget that patience is ultimate virtue a writer can possess and this virtue will help us keep the ‘will that I will write some day !’ alive.

“Grow your content to be content”

Never forget the fact that your content is what is going to make your article an interesting read. In order to write a 1000 words you might have to skim and scam through a huge ocean of related contents. All through the sleepless nights in the name of research it was ‘the will that I will write someday’ helped me grow my content.

Be your Audience!

On many occasions, I used to go on for days, without touching the keyboard, staring at the blank screen with the cursor blinking like my heartbeat and my mind narrating the entire article like giving a speech to a small set of audience. The reason behind is that, the sole purpose of writing (or any other form of communication) is to connect with your audience (including listening). So, every now and then, we need to put ourselves in the shoes of an audience and check if we would still sit relaxed or walk away immediately in those shoes. It actually helps a lot in creating interesting reads, at the end of the day, an audience’s reaction is what is revered the most. It is the positive feel I felt as an audience that gave me the ‘will that I will write some day !’.

All these while, I was not even sure if I had kept you glued to your screens or you have already switched to other tabs. I know one thing for sure, What could be one man’s no need, could be other man’s great read. It is this very thought that gave me the ‘will that I will write some day !’


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