“Live to Learn”

An enthusiastic and energetic engineer, who was engineered to be a manager, with a strong passion to help people achieve their dreams.

In short, it made me Superman by Day and Batman by Night. Just kidding, it is just that I work 24 x 7..!!

“The art of getting things done, lies in knowing the right person to do the right job.”

I believe that the skills and connections I have gained over the years, will help me face any obstacle. I also believe that quality is the way of life. When confronted by unexpected obstacles, instead of looking into the pressure that is going to tag along while solving it, I strive for the pleasure that follows the solution.

A Mechanical Engineering degree in Anna University, helped me to understand the difference between studying and learning. The conferences we organised taught us the managerial skills required to take up any task and succeed in it. It significantly improved our leadership and team management skills necessary to come out with flying colours.

After a brief stint at International Tractors Limited, the excitement in the startup ecosystem captivated me, and I chose to live the life of an intrapreneur. I am currently the Head of Operations at TechStory and can be reached at sankar@techstory.in !

Wanna know more about me..?? Connect with me in LinkedIn, add me in Facebook or follow me in Twitter..!! For latest news about business, technology, startups and entrepreneurship; follow my work at Techstory.in..!!

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