“Contingency” can be “Contagious”

Pessimism may point out the cons of a project, but the pessimists are pros in correcting those. As promised in the previous post, let’s start our final post of the series with a few practical examples of how pessimism has become a part of our every day life.

A healthy dose of pessimism may come in handy in many real-life situations where optimists may be overly hopeful. Continue Reading!

The Discernment on Dooms’ Day

The Prologue

As always, every post starts with how the idea of writing that post struck me, as I see ideas are what matters. Most of the time bloggers, keep waiting for that one idea to come across their mind on which they could build an article, “how to get that idea!” in itself could be an idea for an article, but that would sound too main stream. Let’s focus on the positives of the subject in hand! Continue Reading!