10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Click On An Article Because Of The Title !

Oh no, snap ! You clicked the article just to read something interesting on the internet again?

Is life is so boring that you are constantly exploring (people hardly use explore, so let’s go for chroming) the internet for reasons to escape from life? Things can be dark out there on the world wide web, may be my personal experiences can help you not get caught in the middle of the web. Continue Reading !

The ‘will that I will write some day!’

(Image Credits: marydemuth.com)

The Intro

I gotta admit one thing, I am no writer. The only papers I had been writing until the end of my college (i.e. mid 2015) was the detail answers in my semesters, where the weightage of marks depended on my ability to stretch the two line thought into maximum number of pages. Completing a course in engineering ended up giving me the skill set of a technical writer, and paved way for my future in a way or another and gave me a strong ‘will that I will write some day !’.

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