How to Bluff in Life!

Here I am sitting amidst a bunch of cheats, who would lie without any finch in their eyes, with a strong will to lose everything, who are not afraid to get themselves caught or getting anyone caught, just so that they can win! With so many thoughts in my mind, I was sitting there trying to recollect how I ended up among them.

Rewind 6 hours,

It was a Tuesday afternoon, I was sitting nervously in my house checking double checking and rechecking everything. I actually had packed my everything, all my academic mark sheets, co-curricular and extra curricular certificates. I just can’t afford to miss even one of them, and I was eagerly looking forward for one confirmation.

My ticket! Yes, when your slot confirmation is released one week before actual date, then you’ll end up in at least the railway waiting list.. When the minute hand was over fifteen minutes past 1, hardly 2 hours left for my actual journey, I heard a Microsoft phone’s notification sound. A message bearing a very good news, my train seat was confirmed. It was just a train seat confirmation, but it felt like an MBA seat confirmation and all of a sudden, it was not just the clock that was showing right (angle), but everything was right too..

Fast forward to the train, I was sitting in my solitude train journey in harmony with nature. I saw kids or more precisely juniors occupying my bogey and playing what a regular bunch of college kids would do with cards “Bluff!” Yes, I was referring to everything I saw in their game in the intro. Little did they know that, bluff was not just in their game but they had been bluffing and will be bluffing all their lives. Some bluff to their parents and teachers, some bluff in the interviews, some bluff to closed ones and then there is the another kind who try to win by catching others’ bluff.

They wouldn’t understand this now, but their game had made me realise two important analogies to life.

  • All those who act upright in life (the people who caught others’ bluff) will have to bluff one day or the other in order to win.
  • And just when you think that you’ve figured out a repetitive bluffer, you won’t be right everytime you try to catch his bluff. Every now and then, even he plays straight and you’ll end up collecting others’ mistakes.

No wonder someone quoted Life is a Game! I just wanna add to it “If life is a Game, try to win and not whine !” 

P.S. This is posted only after consent from the concerned people. So, the next time you happened to be my co-traveller, don’t worry I won’t blog about you. :p

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